Custom orthotics are designed to provide support for your feet, reduce pain in your lower body and correct any misalignment in your foot structure. Because they are made specifically for your feet it is important that your orthotics maintain their shape and integrity.
That’s why regular maintenance is necessary to keep your orthotics functioning well. If you’re wondering how to clean your custom orthotics so that they last longer and support your feet effectively – here are some tips that will help:


General care tips

  • At the end of each day remove your orthotics from your shoes and let them dry naturally. This is done to get rid of any moisture that may have been absorbed from your feet while you were wearing them.
  • Do not expose your orthotics to extreme temperatures. This could affect the physical structure of the orthotics. For instance, exposure to extreme heat sources can cause the orthotics to lose their shape while exposure to extreme cold can result in cracking.
  • Never machine wash your orthotics or place them in a dryer.
  • Stay away from environments that may cause them to become wet.
  • Keep away from your pets. They can damage the material by chewing them.


How to clean your custom orthotics

  • Mix a mild soap and water solution to clean the orthotics. Use lukewarm water to make the mixture. Avoid using detergent or other cleaning agents.
  • Dampen a cloth with the mixture.
  • Gently rub the orthotics with the dampened cloth. Be careful not to apply too much pressure because you could damage the material and compromise its integrity.
  • Always allow your orthotics to dry naturally at room temperature. Do not expose to a direct heat source (hair dryer or direct sunlight) to speed up the process.


If you need help taking care of your custom orthotics or would like to find out how you can grab yourself a pair, book an appointment today to talk to a foot care specialist.