Corporate Health Programs

Employers invest a lot into their workers, so finding ways to improve employee health and wellness is a great way to protect that investment.

It can reduce injuries and absenteeism while boosting productivity and employee satisfaction. Let our Corporate Health and Wellness Division keep your employees safe, healthy and happy.

A corporate employee taking part in group therapy.

We can offer fully customized workplace wellness programs. They can incorporate any of the treatments from our wide range of healthcare services, and we can provide these treatments onsite. Our services range from physiotherapy and chiropractic to psychological counselling.

That also includes our foot care services such as providing your employees with custom made orthotics and orthopedic shoes.

Additionally, we provide work conditioning programs that help injured employees get fully prepared to return to work. These goal-oriented conditioning programs will shorten recovery times and prevent injuries from reoccurring.

Our assessment services include:

  • Pre-employment/post-offer screenings
  • Ergonomic assessments
  • Functional Capacity Evaluations (FCE)
  • Functional Abilities Evaluation (FAE)
  • Independent medical assessments
  • Physical demands analysis
  • Work Site Assessments (WSA)


We provide assessment services that can prevent problems before they happen. That includes everything from health screenings that ensure employees can meet the demands of their job, to work site assessments that find ways to boost productivity and minimize risks.

Educational Sessions

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Proper lifting techniques

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Ergonomic education

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Stress management

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Nutrition seminars

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Time management

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Motivational talks

Our corporate health services include educational sessions. These sessions are a great way to lower healthcare costs and develop a more productive workforce. Our customized seminars and education sessions promote occupational health and safety and can address a variety of health issues, from how to avoid injuries to how to cope with stress.

Cost and Coverage

There’s no question that a healthier workforce is a more productive workforce. Call us today to learn more about our Corporate Health Programs and how they can offer a great Return on Investment.

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It depends on the needs and preferences of the company adopting the corporate health program. Companies can conduct a one-time event annually or choose a program that can be ongoing for several months or even years. Others may plan a corporate health program on their own, or contract with a service provider.

Yes, we can, and we would love the opportunity. We can plan a corporate health program that is tailor-made to your employees’ wellness needs. We can also map out the activities included in the program and schedule them ahead over a six- or twelve-month period.

Ergonomic education refers to the process of educating your employees about proper ergonomic practices in the office. The main objective of ergonomic education is to build awareness among the workforce so that they can prevent injuries and maintain safety while working.