In-Home Rehab Services

If mobility challenges are preventing you from visiting the clinic, our In-Home Rehab Programs are designed to facilitate your recovery from injuries or surgery within the familiar confines of your residence. Studies consistently highlight that patients recuperate more swiftly when healing in the comfort of their homes, making these services particularly advantageous. This is especially relevant for elderly individuals seeking to maintain independence but face difficulties commuting to a clinic.

Unsurprisingly, being in a familiar environment surrounded by loved ones contributes to enhanced comfort and reduced stress during the healing process, ultimately fostering better focus on recovery.

In-Home Care Tailored to You

Our commitment to personalized care ensures that In-Home Rehab Programs are crafted to address your unique circumstances. Consideration is given to your personal, medical, financial, and emotional needs, guiding the design and selection of the most appropriate treatment for you.

Addressing the accessibility challenges of your home is a pivotal aspect of in-home rehab care. Reduced mobility during recovery may pose obstacles to routine tasks like climbing stairs or using a shower. Our healthcare providers can assess these challenges, offering solutions to perform tasks safely and independently.

Involving Your Support System

In-home rehab goes beyond individual care by involving your loved ones in the healing process. The educational component of rehabilitation services, such as physical therapy, includes teaching specific exercises and stretches beneficial to your recovery. Receiving treatment at home allows those around you to participate in your healing journey, sharing in the knowledge and contributing to your overall well-being.

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Cost and Coverage

Like many of our services, our physiotherapy treatments are often covered through employer, auto, or disability insurance. So treatments can be available at little or no cost to you. Get in touch or schedule a consultation to learn more.


Can I still get in-home rehab services amid the COVID-19 pandemic?
We want to keep all our patients safe and healthy amid the COVID-19 pandemic. But we also fully understand that there are patients that require essential rehabilitation services even while on lockdown. We can continue to provide in-home rehab services, but only after careful consideration of the risks involved, not only to patients but also to the physiotherapists.
I'm not sure if my house is safe enough for in-home rehab -- will there be a safety assessment if I get in-home rehab services?
Safety remains our top priority for patients. As part of our in-home rehab services, we will do a home safety assessment. The purpose of the assessment is to make sure that our therapists can provide treatment at your home safely. Additionally, the evaluation can help you take measures to prevent falls from happening inside your house.
Will my family be also involved in my in-home rehab?
Yes, if they would be willing to. One advantage of in-home rehab services is that it allows family members or even friends and neighbors to play a role in your healing and recovery. While it is true that they may not be directly involved in the physiotherapy itself, they can assist in the pre-session preparations, completing the home exercises, and providing encouragement and support.