About Activa Clinics

Activa Clinics is redefining the way healthcare is delivered in Canada. From its unique multidisciplinary model of healthcare professionals working together under one roof to help Patients achieve their pre-injury status, to the latest in equipment and technology, to highly experienced and knowledgeable staff - Activa Clinics is at the leading edge of healthcare delivery in the community and the country.


A physiotherapist providing rehab treatment to a patient.

Patient Focused Health

The focus of the Company and the Clinics is the Patient. Because patient care is at the core and very heart of what we do, each Patient is provided with a customized treatment plan to help them achieve their goals. Whether a patient has been injured in a car accident, has pulled a muscle in their back, fallen while shovelling the snow or is in pain from standing at their job all day, Activa Clinics has a number of services and programs that can help.

With over 20 years of service to both the community and to helping Patients become pain free Activa Clinics is trusted by families in their journey of health.

Integration & Innovation

As a Champion of Integration and Innovation, Activa Clinics has been a pioneer in the Rehabilitation Industry in Ontario, with one of the first multidisciplinary healthcare clinics opening in 1999. Twenty-one years later, Activa Clinics is again leading the way with its incorporation of Tele-Health services to help Patients obtain access to Health Care professionals, anytime and anywhere, as per their convenience and the comfort of their home.

Pioneer in Healthcare Services

Activa Clinics has continued to promote and advocate for accessibility of healthcare services for all Patients, regardless of where they live, work or play. We have redefined the way healthcare is delivered to communities and cities among Aboriginal Populations, with the introduction of Tele-Health Services. These services allow patients on reserves to access medical and paramedical services immediately via local health centers. As an advisor and consultant to some of the largest First Nations communities

 in Canada – Activa Clinics is at the forefront of championing change to make a difference.

To ensure health, wellness and healthy lifestyles, Activa Clinics has also recently launched mental health counselling. For those patients suffering from post-traumatic stress, postpartum depression, anxiety or depression, the mental health services will help empower patients to feel and be their best.

A physiotherapist treating a patient's knee pain.
A physiotherapist performs an assisted neck stretch on a patient.

From Pain to Wellness, from injury to movement, from your worst to your best - Activa Clinics is here to HELP!


Our mission is to provide Patients with the highest quality of care and customer service from Healthcare Professionals that are experienced and knowledgeable, a Team that is kind, caring and compassionate, and equipment that is the latest in cutting edge technology.

Our Mission is simply to HELP our Patients feel and be their BEST.


Our vision 20 years ago when our company was founded, and our vision today, remains the same- for Patient-Focused Health Care to be at the Core of what we do and for Activa Clinics to be at the forefront of the Healthcare, Rehabilitation and Tele-Health Industries as champions of Integration, Innovation and Patient Empowerment in our community and our country.


Passion becomes your Purpose and your Purpose becomes Your Profession. At Activa Clinics we are motivated to empower and inspire our patients to feel their best and be their best.


Our Patients are our Purpose.