What is Concussion Management?

Concussion management involves using a variety of therapies to boost your concussion recovery. It can include treatment from specialists such as physiotherapists, chiropractors, mental health counsellors, and more. They provide treatments including guided exercise, manual therapy, and education. It can help you get better sooner, prevent complications, and ensure you are ready to safely return to work, sports, and all your daily activities.

How can Concussion Management help me?

A concussion can really put your life on hold. Even if your symptoms are relatively mild, your concussion recovery can still take you out of action for weeks. And if you try to return to your normal routine too soon, it can end up making things worse. For example, if you return to sports too early, it increases the risk for another concussion and potentially fatal brain injury. 

In addition, concussions sometimes lead to complications like post-concussion syndrome. It can involve symptoms that stick around for months after your concussion, such as:

  • Post-traumatic headache
  • Sleep issues
  • Dizziness and vertigo
  • Mental health disorders
  • Difficulty concentrating
  • Fatigue

But concussion management can help you avoid or manage those issues. While it’s important to rest immediately following a concussion (for the first 24-48 hours), studies show that guided physical activity and treatment can help reduce symptoms, improve brain function, solve blood flow issues, and repair injured tissue.

How does Concussion Management work?

Concussion management involves both assessment and treatment. Our healthcare practitioners will start by speaking with you about your injury and symptoms. Then they may perform neurological and cognitive tests to check your reflexes, coordination, vision, memory, and concentration. They may also use diagnostic imaging tools such as CT scan and MRI.

These tests and diagnostics will help them in creating a custom management plan for you. That plan can incorporate a wide variety of therapies and treatments including:

When can I expect to see results?

The time it takes to see results is different in every case, but with the help of a concussion management plan, most people are able to completely recover in just a few days.

When you compare that to the several months or even years that concussion complications can stick around, you’ll see just how useful a management plan can be in getting you back to normal life.

Cost and coverage

Our services are covered by most extended health insurance plans. That includes the coverage you may have through an employer, workers’ compensation, or auto insurance. That means our treatments are often available at little to no cost to you.

To make things even more convenient, we direct bill your insurance, so you never have to deal with claims yourself or wait to be reimbursed. And if you’re not sure if you’re covered, call us and we’ll be happy to help. We can provide our treatments at competitive rates.

Why choose Activa for Concussion Management?

Research shows that the key to concussion management is a multi-disciplinary approach. That’s why Activa Clinics is your ideal choice.  We have a large team of doctors and specialists who are experts in concussion treatment and rehabilitation. They will work together to ensure you are completely healed from head to toe.

Where can I find a Concussion Management clinic near me?

We have Five clinic locations in Southern Ontario that serve communities including

 ScarboroughMississaugaBramptonKitchener, and Hamilton.