Laser Therapy

Activa clinics a pioneer in comprehensive healthcare introduces laser therapy as an advanced modality to enhance healing and alleviate pain utilizing cutting edge technology laser therapy at Activa Clinics offers a non invasive and effective approach to address various conditions 

  • Understanding laser therapy 

Laser therapy also known as low level laser therapy or cold laser therapy involves the application of low intensity lasers or light emitting diodes leds to stimulate cellular activity and promote healing this non thermal non invasive treatment is known for its ability to accelerate tissue repair reduce inflammation and alleviate pain 

  • Specialized laser therapy services at Activa Clinics 

Activa Clinics stands out by offering specialized laser therapy services that encompass a range of applications including pain management laser therapy at Activa Clinics is utilized to manage various types of pain including musculoskeletal pain neuropathic pain and inflammatory conditions sports injuries athletes benefit from laser therapy to expedite recovery from sports related injuries reduce inflammation and promote tissue healing wound healing laser therapy aids in accelerating the healing of wounds ulcers and post surgical incisions by enhancing cellular repair mechanisms arthritis treatment individuals suffering from arthritis find relief through laser therapy which helps reduce joint pain stiffness and inflammation.

  • Non invasive and painless treatment 

Laser therapy at Activa Clinics is characterized by its non invasive nature and painless application the low level lasers used in this treatment penetrate the skin without causing discomfort making it a well tolerated option for patients seeking relief from various conditions 

  • Cellular healing and regeneration 

The therapeutic lasers used at Activa Clinics stimulate cellular activity at the molecular level this process known as photobiomodulation enhances mitochondrial function increases atp production and promotes cellular repair and regeneration as a result damaged tissues experience accelerated healing

  • Customized treatment plans 

Activa Clinics takes a patient centered approach to laser therapy with customized treatment plans tailored to individual needs the healthcare professionals work closely with patients to understand their specific conditions goals and medical history ensuring that the laser therapy sessions are optimized for the best possible outcomes 

  • Complementary to other treatments 


Laser therapy at Activa Clinics is often integrated into comprehensive treatment plans complementing other healthcare services offered at the clinic whether combined with chiropractic care physiotherapy or massage therapy laser therapy plays a synergistic role in enhancing overall treatment effectiveness 

  • Reduced inflammation and improved circulation 

Laser therapy is anti inflammatory effects contribute to a reduction in swelling and pain additionally the improved microcirculation induced by laser therapy enhances the delivery of oxygen and nutrients to tissues promoting a faster and more efficient healing process conclusion laser therapy at Activa Clinics illuminates a path to advanced healing and pain management with its non invasive nature painless application and a diverse range of applications laser therapy stands as a valuable addition to Activa Clinics commitment to comprehensive healthcare as an integral component of the clinic s specialized services laser therapy contributes to the transformative impact on patients lives offering a beacon of hope for those seeking advanced solutions for healing and pain relief.

Cost and Coverage

Like many of our services, our physiotherapy treatments are often covered through employer, auto, or disability insurance. So treatments can be available at little or no cost to you. Get in touch or schedule a consultation to learn more.