Chronic Pain

Our Chronic Pain Programs are individually tailored, adopting a comprehensive approach to address various aspects of your health, encompassing physical, functional, and psychological considerations.

If you’re grappling with chronic pain persisting for six months or more, it’s crucial not to resign yourself to living with it. Our personalized Chronic Pain Programs take a holistic perspective, targeting the multifaceted nature of your health, recognizing that factors such as anxiety, depression, or even foot problems can contribute to chronic pain.

Physiotherapists and Massage Therapists

Our team includes physiotherapists and massage therapists proficient in addressing muscle tension and nerve issues associated with diverse types of pain.


Experienced chiropractors are available to treat pain originating from issues with body alignment and movement patterns.

Psychologists and Counselors

Our roster includes psychologists and counselors adept at addressing the mental aspects intertwined with chronic pain.


Our Kinesiologists collaborate with you to devise a personalized rehabilitation plan, enhancing strength, conditioning, and endurance.

Your Custom Plan

Understanding that every patient is unique, each with distinct needs and goals, we collaborate with you to craft a personalized program. This tailored approach aims to enhance the overall quality of life and provide relief from chronic pain.

Regardless of the type of pain you’re experiencing—be it chronic knee pain, acute low back pain, or muscle spasms—a custom plan can make treating it more accessible than you might think.

While you may have developed strategies to manage chronic pain or adapted to living with it, this isn’t a definitive solution. Allowing us to create a personalized treatment plan opens the door to a potentially pain-free life. To delve deeper into our offerings, feel free to reach out or schedule a consultation today.