Sports injury rehabilitation involves assessment, treatment, and recovery for sports injuries. It can incorporate physiotherapy, massage therapy, chiropractic and more to help athletes recover from injuries quickly and safely.

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We know how frustrating it can be when sports injuries occur and stop you from doing what you love. Our sports injury rehabilitation services can get you over that hurdle and back to your peak athletic performance. 

With our custom treatment plans and our wide range of services, we’ll help you achieve full recovery as soon as possible. In addition, by ensuring you heal properly and taking some preventative measures, we can help reduce the chances of your injury reoccurring.

We can help with all types of sports injuries. Just a few examples include:


  • Reducing pain and swelling
  • Ensure you fully recover quickly
  • Reduce chances for injuries in the future

With any of our treatments, the first step is a thorough assessment. We’ll start by speaking with you about your symptoms, medical history, limitations, and goals for your treatment. To get a clear picture of your injury, we may use advanced imaging tools like x-ray, MRI, and CT scan.

Once we know what we’re dealing with, we will create a custom treatment plan that will help you overcome it. That plan can incorporate a wide variety of therapies so we can take a whole-body approach to your healing.

Our comprehensive range of treatment options includes:

The time it takes to recover from a sports injury varies widely depending on what type of injury it is. For example, sprains can usually be healed within a few days, while any type of fracture requires at least five weeks. But no matter what type of injury it is, sports injury rehab will speed up your recovery time. For example, using aqua therapy or functional braces, we can help you begin exercising again as soon as possible.

Cost and Coverage

Like most of our services, our sports injury rehabilitation is covered by most extended health plans. That means whether you are covered through work your auto insurance, our services may be available at little or no cost to you. Give us a call if you are unsure if you’re covered and we can help. We can provide our treatments at competitive rates, and we direct bill the insurance company so you don’t have to deal with claims forms.

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At Activa Clinics, we can offer a lot of advantages when it comes to treating sports injuries. They include our advanced diagnostics, our compassionate approach, and our custom treatment plans. We will tailor your treatment to your unique needs and goals.

Our large team of expert healthcare providers lets us offer a broad range of treatments, so we can treat all aspects of your health from head to toe.

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Don’t try to just walk it off or play through the pain of a sports injury. With our custom treatment plans, getting fully recovered is faster and easier than you might expect. So take advantage of the benefits of modern sports medicine and get back in the game.

Call us or visit one of our conveniently-located clinics that serve communities including Toronto, Mississauga, Brampton, Hamilton, Scarborough, or Kitchener.