Responsible Business

At Activa Clinics, we believe in giving it back to our community. Over the years, we are proud to empower those that need it most. From supporting women to children we are inspired to make a difference.

Sick Kids Foundation

The Sick Kids Hospital has been helping children overcome barriers for many years, and we are delighted to have donated them over the years. We like assisting this organization because we believe that enhancing children’s health and well-being is one of the most powerful ways to change society.

AIM for Seva

We at Activa Clinics are proud to be supporting this fantastic organization. AIM for SEVA is a Canada-based not-for-profit charity that helps to educate and empower underprivileged rural children in India.

Supporting the First Nations Community

From donating a million masks in 2021 to the First Nations community to working with those who live on reserves to create access to health care services, Activa Clinics is proud to use its expertise and knowledge.

Victim Services Toronto

Activa Clinics has always been involved in The Chief’s Gala event. The Chief’s Gala is a yearly fundraiser for Victim Services Toronto held by the Chief of Police. It’s a commemoration of a highly regarded volunteer group that’s important to victims and police officers on the scene of crimes and natural disasters.

Dreams For You

With many worthy charitable causes helping women in India, Dreams For You is a unique initiative to focus on helping, supporting and empowering women who have been victimized, impacted & affected by the growing phenomenon of fraud marriages. In addition, Dreams For You helps women who are impacted by domestic violence, are widowed, and from underprivileged areas with skills, training, and resources for personal and professional development. Dreams For You also provides counselling, legal assistance, and focus on education and public awareness campaigns to help fraud marriage victims and their families.