Physiotherapy in Kitchener Ontario

If you are suffering from painful medical conditions, you might need the support of a physiotherapist to help you outline a course of treatment that could help you get the support that you need.

Our Kitchener physiotherapists work with a broad range of patients to help them articulate their treatment goals and to develop a treatment plan that helps to address the underlying issue. In this article you’ll learn more about the benefits of physiotherapy and how to get support with your medical condition if you believe you need a physiotherapist.


Braces and supports help in a variety of situations, such as recovering from an injury or just leading an active lifestyle and needing to protect your joints. Here are just a few examples of when braces and straps can help:


Post-operative Rehab

Joint conditions like Arthritis

Conditions related to Athletic Injuries

Jobs involving heavy lifting or repetitive motions

Iliotibial Band Syndrome (ITBS)

Patellar Tendonitis (Jumper’s Knee) and conditions related to Runner’s Knee

Why You Need Physiotherapy

Many people have heard of physiotherapy in relation to the treatment given to lead athletes but this is not the only reason to use physiotherapy. In fact, physiotherapy could be for everyone who is currently experiencing loss of balance with their hearing, headache or backaches as a result of straining and constant muscle pain.

Our Kitchener physiotherapists regularly work with every day people who have suffered some form of an injury or trauma or are dealing with the medical condition that has caused them to seek out physiotherapy and its benefits.

Advantages of Having Physiotherapy

The advantages of having physiotherapy for your injury or medical condition can be broad in nature. In fact, many people find this to be a beneficial way to help minimize their ongoing pain and improve their overall flexibility. Sessions of physiotherapy can identify problematic joints and sore spots.

For certain people, a routine of exercise and stretches that have been created by a physiotherapist can help to complement their overall lifestyle and improve problems with posture, gait and method.

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What to Expect at Physiotherapy?

Your session will be custom to you because it is about where you’re at right now and where you want to go. We offer in-home rehab physiotherapy that aligns a course of treatment directly with where you’re at and how you would like to improve. You can discuss these sessions with your physiotherapist directly. In-home physiotherapy can also address the accessibility issues of your home.

During a physiotherapy session your therapist will outline a series of exercises that are designed to help you move forward and improve. You will also be able to discuss how the current medical condition or injury has been impacting you in the recent past so that your physiotherapist can make adaptations as necessary.

You’re on your own path when it comes to physiotherapy, but you can rest assured that many people who have gone through this process find benefits that follow them for years to come. It’s very possible that you’ll be able to chart out a course for improving your health and regaining some of your mobility.

We Prepare a Physiotherapy Treatment Plan for You

We recognize that not every patient is experiencing the same symptoms or the same interruptions to their life. As a result we create a custom physiotherapy treatment for you when you hire one of our Kitchener physiotherapists. So we work with you to create a unique treatment plan to deal with the weakness, pain or stiffness you are currently experiencing.

For example, if you are suffering from elbow pain, your Kitchener physiotherapist will primarily be focused on ways to minimize your elbow pain and to improve your everyday life around that joint.

How to Find Physiotherapy in Kitchener

It can be very important to find a location for physiotherapy that is close to your home. However, it is even more beneficial if you can find a Kitchener in-home physiotherapist to give you these treatment options in an area that is comfortable to you. If you are ready to look for a clinic nearby, we most likely have you covered. In fact, when it comes to our Kitchener physiotherapists, we have 7 conveniently located clinic locations to serve the Kitchener area communities.

No matter where you’re at, you can get the clinic support that you need for physiotherapy. We make it easy and convenient to stick with a schedule of regular appointments so you have the best chance for maximum recovery.

Kitchener Physiotherapy FAQs

What conditions can physiotherapy treat?

Some of the most common conditions treated by physiotherapy include golfer’s elbow, arthritis, chronic pain syndrome, concussion, carpal tunnel syndrome and frozen shoulder.

How does physiotherapy work for back pain?

Physiotherapy improves the function and movement of your muscles and joints. Physiotherapy can help to reduce back pain and get you back to normal mobility.

What is the difference between physiotherapy, osteopathy and chiropractic?

Chiropractors generally treat pain related problems using manipulation of the joints. Most physiotherapists and osteopaths can use manipulation but is generally not the first line of treatment in a chiropractic office. Osteopathic treatment is 90% hands on whereas the majority of physiotherapists use around 60% of a hands-on approach.