Physiotherapy in Scarborough, ON

Where can you get good quality physiotherapy in Scarborough, Ontario? Activa Clinics’s ultramodern Scarborough physiotherapy center of course. Our expert, professional, and effective physiotherapy services stand out from all other providers in four significant ways.


Braces and supports help in a variety of situations, such as recovering from an injury or just leading an active lifestyle and needing to protect your joints. Here are just a few examples of when braces and straps can help:


Post-operative Rehab

Joint conditions like Arthritis

Conditions related to Athletic Injuries

Jobs involving heavy lifting or repetitive motions

Iliotibial Band Syndrome (ITBS)

Patellar Tendonitis (Jumper’s Knee) and conditions related to Runner’s Knee

Safe and Effective Therapeutic Service

All Activa Clinics’s physiotherapists are CAPR-certified practitioners, with vast hands-on experience in mainstream and specialized therapeutic techniques, including: –

  •       Orthotics,
  •       IFC/TENS therapy
  •       Ultrasound
  •       Deep Tissue massage
  •       Acupuncture
  •       Laser therapy and myriad specialized therapies.

Furthermore, the staff at Activa’s Scarborough facility use CAPR-approved and industry-compliant physiotherapy equipment. You are, thus, assured of safe, expert, and professional therapeutic services at Activa Clinics’ ultramodern physiotherapy clinic in Scarborough.

Vast Range of therapeutic Benefits

Choosing Activa Clinics’ physiotherapy services in Scarborough avails you with several significant benefits.

Customized Physiotherapy Programs

Activa’s Scarborough clinic offers you customized physiotherapy programs that cater to every therapeutic aspect of your condition, i.e., joint mobility, pain management, tissue healing, etc.

Long-term Management of Chronic Conditions
Highly competent and experienced Activa physiotherapists at our Scarborough clinic administer a therapeutic treatment that’s effective in alleviating chronic pain/discomfort in a variety of conditions.
Impeccable Standard and Specialized Therapeutic Services
Activa’s expert CAPR physiotherapists provide you with a vast range of proven standard and mainstream therapeutic services, including deep tissue massage, TENS/, IFC, Ultrasound, etc.

Cost and Coverage

Our team includes physiotherapists, kinesiologists, chiropractors, and more. They have a thorough understanding of biomechanics and how to keep you moving properly. By analyzing your issues and goals, they will help you find the best solution. To learn more about our functional braces and straps, give us a call or schedule a consultation today.

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FAQs on getting physiotherapy in Scarborough, ON
Is physiotherapy the same as massage therapy?

Yes. Massage therapy is actually a component technique among several others that constitute the physiotherapy discipline. Other notable techniques include Acupuncture, TENS/electrotherapy, Ultrasound, etc.

Is physiotherapy a form of exercise?

Not exactly. While physical exercises are an integral part of physiotherapy, this medical field also encompasses various non-physical techniques such as acupuncture, ultrasound, deep tissue massage, thermotherapy, etc

Do I need physiotherapy even if I feel okay?

Not necessarily. However, you can leap body rejuvenation benefits with physiotherapy techniques like deep tissue massage and acupuncture, even when not affected by a mobility/functionality limiting condition.