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Are you looking for the ability to get support for the variety of treatment services provided by our specialists but don’t want to have to travel to a clinic? Don’t worry, you are not alone. In this article you’ll learn more about some of the benefits of in-home treatment and how to make use of it today.

In-Home Treatment | Activa Clinics

Activa In-Home Treatment Services

Activa clinics offer a variety of in-home treatment services and each service is to address specific needs. Our services are leveraged to diagnose, manage, and prevent musculoskeletal conditions. Our in-home treatment services include in-home treatment massage therapy, in-home treatment physiotherapy and in-home treatment chiropractic care. There are also many other treatment options available to you depending on your medical condition.

Activa In-Home Treatment Services

Our clinic offers a modern, clean, spa-like environment so you can get health for in-home treatments in comfort.

Schedule a Reservation for Any In-Home Treatment Services in Activa

There are many different kinds of reasons that you might wish to schedule a consultation to have someone come into your home for treatment services. All of our in-home therapies and treatment plans are fully customizable. We will tailor every aspect of your treatment to suit your unique needs and create a treatment plan aimed at your overall satisfaction. You can book a reservation with us now.

In-Home Treatment FAQs

Is home treatment effective?

One of the most common questions that patients have is whether or not home treatment is effective. Home treatment should be aligned with your specific needs and you can discuss with your care professional whether or not this makes sense and how it could potentially be effective for you. A consultation with an in-home treatment professional could help you to realize the benefits of ongoing support and care based on the type of therapy that you originally selected.

How can we do physiotherapy at home?

Following your initial consultation, your physiotherapist will visit your home to check and see how your current medical conditions are impacting you and will then design a series of exercises and treatment plans designed to address those concerns. Physiotherapy is very comfortable at home because you are in your own surroundings and do not have to travel to a clinic. You can still get all the benefits of physiotherapy right from where you live.

How can I do a chiropractic adjustment at home?

A chiropractic adjustment at home is definitely possible and something that you can discuss with your treatment professional. In many cases patients are able to reap the exact same benefits from a chiropractic treatment at home as they would in a traditional office.       

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