In Home Treatment Chiropractic Care

How is Chiropractic Care different from Physiotherapy, and which conditions benefit the most from the former medical practice? Not many people can suitably answer this question because both allied medical fields are non-invasive and drug-free methods for treating musculoskeletal problems.

However, notable differences exist in the techniques employed to improve and remedy conditions that cause partial/complete loss of mobility/functionality. First and foremost, a chiropractor’s primary focus is to improve the mobility/functionality of the various joints in your spine and limbs. Consequently, chiropractic care features an array of hands-on manipulation techniques that target compromised joints in the hands, legs, and spinal column.

Physiotherapy, on the other hand, is mainly concerned with enhancing mobility/functionality through hands-on manipulation of the muscles, nerves, and connective tissues. Chiropractic care can, therefore, help you better manage conditions that primarily affect joints, while physiotherapy is suitable for treating mobility/functionality issues affecting the soft tissues.

In-Home Treatment Chiropractic Care.

In-home chiropractic care refers to an arrangement whereby a licensed chiropractor provides his/her services within a residential setting, i.e., the chiropractor makes scheduled visits to the home of someone in need of his/her chiropractic services.

 This treatment option is ideal for you if: –

  • Your condition has caused such limited mobility that it’s considerably difficult to travel to a chiropractic clinic
  • Traveling to and from a specialized clinic negates all potential benefits that administered chiropractic procedures can offer

Fortunately, Activa Clinics provides you with professional in-home chiropractic care for a wide range of conditions affecting your limbs and back. Our experienced and competent chiropractors are all certified by the Canadian Chiropractic Examining Board(CCEB).

Furthermore, as registered members of the College of Chiropractors of Ontario(CCO), Activa chiropractors are licensed to offer their services in any residence within Ontario. Consequently, you are assured of receiving professional home-based chiropractic care from Activa chiropractors who have the right training and vast hands-on experience.

Chiropractic Treatment Care for Chronic Pain.

Activa Clinics CCEB-certified chiropractors can help you realize sustained relief from chronic pain affecting various joints in your hands, legs and back, including: –

Sciatica/Leg Pain

Sciatica occurs when a herniated/slipped/ruptured/bulging disc in your spine presses on the sciatic nerve. The condition is characterized by pain that radiates downwards from your lower back to one or both legs.

Lower Back Pain

Typical causes of lower back pain include muscle/ ligament strain, bulging/herniated/slipped/ ruptured discs, vertebrae stress fractures and Osteoporosis. The condition is characterized by dull chronic pain that intensifies whenever you bend your back.

Neck Pain

Possible causes of your chronic neck pain include muscle/ligament strain, nerve compression due to herniated/slipped/ruptured discs, vertebrae fractures, whiplash, and cervical spondylosis.


You can suffer from chronic headaches when spinal fluid leaks out of the spinal cord causing a pressure decrease around the brain.

Car Accident Injuries

Involvement in a car accident can leave you wide an array of joint-related issues including neck pain, chronic headaches, back pain, elbow and knee pain, heel pain, wrist pain, etc. These auto-related conditions typically exhibit intense but intermittent or dull chronic pain, which worsens whenever you use the limbs or move your back.

Sports Injuries

Your sports-induced conditions can feature one or more joint-related issues, including knee and elbow joint pain, back pain, neck pain, wrist, and ankle pain.

Such sports-related conditions typically exhibit intense pains early on, before progressively transitioning into dull chronic pain.

Fortunately, Activa Clinics’ in-home chiropractic care provides you with the means with which to effectively manage underlying causes of chronic pain

The Importance Of Chiropractic Treatment After A Car Accident.

The sudden brute impact that occurs during a car accident often causes adverse effects on vital joints and spinal vertebrae, i.e.,  neck/back vertebrae, and shoulder, elbow, wrist, hip, knee, and ankle joints.

These injuries take various forms, including: –

  • Joint Dislocation

 Bones forming your joints get forced out of their sockets by the brute force of impact.

  • Vertebrae Fractures

Intense compression and tension forces on your neck and spinal vertebrae cause parts to break off from the whole.

  • Slipped/Ruptured/Bulging/Herniated Discs

Physical trauma to your spinal column causes one or more of the rubbery discs between individual vertebrae to move out of place.

  • Broken Bones

Sudden opposing forces cause your bones to shatter and break at one or more points along their length.

  • Paraplegia

Physical trauma to your spinal column can also have the severe effect of severing your spinal cord resulting in paralysis on the lower legs.

While most auto-related injuries heal completely, some injuries can persist to cause you daily chronic pain or lifelong loss of mobility/functionality. Such injuries, which include paraplegia and slipped/herniated/bulging discs, require constant care and attention to prevent the emergence of new complications.

This outcome is why you should seek professional in-home chiropractic treatment after a car accident.

Our Chiropractor Therapist will help you ease any pain you are suffering.

The Benefits of Chiropractic Treatment.

Choosing Activa Clinics’s home-based chiropractic care offers you several benefits, which include: –

  • You do not need to make a physical visit to an Activa Clinics’ rehabilitation center for you to receive expert and effective chiropractic care
  • Your reliance on prescription drugs for chronic pain management decreases as your condition improves
  • You are better able to perform everyday tasks due to the increased functionality/mobility realized after in-home chiropractic treatment
  • You get to engage in activities that are initially difficult or impossible

●  You halt the degeneration of an existing condition and  prevent the emergence of new complications

Call our Therapist for in-home Chiropractic Treatment.

To schedule Active Clinics In-home chiropractic treatment, simply call our friendly and dedicated customer service team.

You can also fill out the online query form on our website with the specifics of your condition and residential address within Ontario.

We will then pair you with one of our in-home CCEB-certified registered chiropractors, with experience in your particular joint-related condition.

In-Home Treatment Chiropractic Care FAQs

Are chiropractic adjustments good for you?

Yes. Chiropractic adjustments help to gradually realign your joints and vertebrae into their proper positions, a procedure that often results in sustained relief from chronic pain.

How long do you have to go to the chiropractor after a car accident?

The duration of your chiropractic treatment depends on the severity of your condition. A minor condition like hairline fractures on your vertebrae may only require one or two months of treatment. A major issue such as a herniated/bulging/slipped disc can necessitate a whole year of chiropractic care.

Can a chiropractor help with chronic pain?

Yes. In addition to chiropractic adjustments, Activa CCEB-certified chiros employ various other techniques to provide you with relief from chronic pain, including Heat and Cold Treatment, Rehabilitative Exercise, and Massage Therapy.